TV in 2013: Best (Favorite) Episodes

Welcome to the TV in 2013 roundtable. Like last year, I’ve assembled a group of critics, friends, and television lovers to reflect on the year that was. Throughout December, we’ll discuss a variety of TV-related topics, covering the highs, lows, and everything in between. You can find all the entries here. Cory Barker: Next category: Best […]

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Breaking Bad Series Finale Roundtable: Endings, Legacies, and More

In case you were concerned that there wasn’t enough Breaking Bad analysis out there on the Internet, I gathered up some of the usual roundtable suspects to talk about the series finale “Felina,” the final run of episodes, and BrBa‘s overall legacy. This is a lengthy discussion, full of diverse insights. I ended up not saying a whole […]

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